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Tales of Luna's Misadventures
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I am Luna, a 20 year old female from the USA. I'm ace, a bookworm and a fandom blogger. I also have Elhers-Danlos Syndrome.
If you need any accommodations please message me so I can make my blog easier to use and more comfortable for you.



I literally cannot walk, it was embarrassing enough yesterday having to ask for help down the stairs in a train station.

Anyone with EDs who has severe pain in hands and legs, are crutches too much of a strain on your hands or no?

My geneticist told me that crutches are a no-no because they put too much strain on your shoulders-wrists.

I hurt my foot and I tried crutches and severely hurt my arms, shoulders, and my ribs after only a few hours. It felt ok but when I woke up the next day I was in so much pain. Don’t do crutches with EDS it is terrible.

Anonymous said: Hi! How are you? I hope you're feeling well and the weather is warm and your joints are being nice and everything is good because you are wonderful and special and I love you!

You are now zebranon and I love you. Thank you wonderful human being. I was having a pretty crappy day and you are the first person to make me smile today. =D




I was expecting Who Let the Dogs Out or something like that but oh my god this is so much better.

This is more amusing than it should be.

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pls give me a franchise where, when a good female character turns evil, she is not immediately dressed in a bondage-inspired outfit that is 2 strips of leather and a thong and instead dresses in sensible jeans and combat boots and a comfy jacket because hello, evil agenda here, there’s no time to be objectified, world domination is priority


all that and pregnant too, whatta gal

Merlin BBC, Morgana literally goes from sitting on her butt all day brushing her hair and picking out outifts:

to too busy being evil to brush her hair for half a decade:

turn to blog 394

turn to blog 394


It’s very important that people see this

Very very important

These may look all funny but remember guys, when your dog is cringing and exposing its belly it is afraid and trying to make itself as vulnerable as possible so you don’t hurt it too much. Don’t torture your dog and leave it there in fear.

And important: NEVER call your dog to fuss at it for doing something you don’t like. How is it supposed to trust when it listens and comes when you call and then you punish it. They will connect the punishment with listening you instead of the actual offense.

Most dog training books will tell you both those things. If you want a happy healthy relationship, don’t do them.


I kinda want this on a tee shirt.

I want I character to say this.


I kinda want this on a tee shirt.

I want I character to say this.



1 follower = egg

10-40 followers = hatchling

50-99 followers = baby dragon

100-349 followers = dragon

350-500 followers = still a dragon

501-799 followers =  mega dragon

800- 4,999 followers = super hella dragon


These are the legit numbers.


10,000+ followers = I AM FIRE, I AM DEATH